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5107 Wheeler Ave.

Fort Smith, AR  72901

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Wendell Holmes, CEO


   Experience with Company: 41 years

 Colt Rainwater, Construction Manager

 Estimating, Project Management, Structural Steel, Industrial/Production

 Experience with Company: 9 years      Phone:  (479) 414-8545

Donny Hewitt, Operations Manager

Crane Rental, Equipment Leases, Millwrights

Experience with Company: 26 years      Phone: (479) 414-8631

David Hill, Fleet Coordinator, Regional Equipment Rental & Leasing

Crane Rental, Equipment Leases, Millwrights, Construction Management

Experience with Company: 23 years     Phone:  (479) 414-6033

Scott Chrisman, Equip Dispatcher, Heavy Haul Manager

Scheduling of Equipment and Heavy Hauling

Experience with Company: 3 years         Phone: (479) 651-7485

Freddie Hoyt, Controller

Experience with Company: 1 year 

Cindy Welliver, Office & Accounting Manager

Experience with Company: 25 years

Katie Keosouvanh, Office Assistant

Experience with Company: 5 years

Jacob Verkamp, Project Assistant

Experience with the Company: 2 years

Holmes Erection Inc.  5107 Wheeler Ave. Fort Smith, AR  72901   479-646-4331